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Armonie’s three brands

IBM i Training - AS/400 - iSeries

Training institute dedicated to IBM i – AS/400.

IBM i – AS/400 software solutions.

Hardware and software solutions integrator.

Managed programs

delighted customers

projects handled

training days

Our service center in Montpellier

Armonie has set up its Service Center on the IBM Campus in Montpellier (Pompignane), which houses IBMi training, development and operations teams.

Our teams of specialists are entirely dedicated to the IBMi platform, and over 60% of them are young professionals assisted by experienced IT specialists. More than 50 individuals are currently involved in maintaining and developing the platform and this number will shortly double. Eventually, the teams should quickly be made up of at least 100 people.

The team has access to the most powerful tools for analyzing and managing IBM i developments, such as mapping and versioning management via the X-Analysis and Rocket RDO tools.

Project management is based on AGILE processes and principles, with weekly sprints.

CSR, our battle horse…

Zero waste

  • Limit printing: reuse scrap paper
  • Using QRcode for business cards
  • Setting up a selective sorting system
  • Provision of washable crockery
  • Electronic invoices

Digital Responsibility

  • Datacenters in France: Jaguar Network or Equinix
  • Set up an Active Directory for online file sharing to avoid file transfers by e-mail.


  • Move to Covivio ‘s new premises: “eco-energy” buildings
  • Heating control and air-conditioning limitation at headquarters

Own code

Clean rewriting of programs to limit bugs and reduce bandwidth and storage requirements

Social dimension

  • Sponsors of the Basket Ball Club de Limours (91), winner of the Prix Participatif Ecologique 2021 and of the label Club de Basketball Citoyen.
  • Training: support for people far from employment with Nurse i and the IZI Academy


  • Electric vehicles (commercial, DG) or hybrids
  • Train for business trips
  • Employees telecommute at least 2 days a week


  • Local office supplies : Bureau Vallée Montpellier
  • Goodies and prints (kakemonos): made in France
  • Coffee beans: Métro Montpellier
  • Remarketed offices: Simon Bureaux
  • Tickers restaurants : Swile dematerialized card

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