employee profile

Laurence Panabière,
Methods & Quality Consultant

After graduating with a DUT in electrical engineering and industrial computing, Laurence joined IBM in Montpellier in 2006 in the Pre-Sales Technical Support Center (PSSC). Alongside engineers with expertise in new technologies, who were building the “large systems” technical solutions proposed to the customer, Laurence set up the test platforms, took care of assembly, cabling, deployment and maintenance of the System Xs (which have since moved to Lenovo). It even intervened very occasionally on Systems p and z (and very little on System i).

AS/400 right from the start

After a spell as a system and network administrator in a Marseilles-based company, Laurence wanted to move on and change industry: she joined the Ecole des Mines d’Ales (in Environment and Energy Management and Engineering), and then worked for major groups on large-scale projects, until the desire to work in the IT world came knocking at her door once again.


An arrival at Armonie via the iZi Academy

Keen to join a POEI training program, Laurence joined the one offered by Armonie to become an AS/400 developer. Entering the October 2022 session, given her professional experience, Guy Routier offered her the position of Methods and Integration Consultant, then Methods and Quality Consultant.

“I absolutely wanted to join the AS/400 world: with human resources running out on this technology, there really is a subject to take on head-on, especially when you’ve known the AS/400 since its inception. In 2022, there will still be a significant number of machines in need of maintenance!


2022: Methods and quality consultant

Laurence is in charge of organizing projects with customers: she structures work and procedures, and schedules various meetings with developers to ensure project follow-up. Its aim is to provide the best possible framework upstream to avoid overflow and find the best alternative for projects to progress, by facilitating exchanges and progress.

Laurence is also overseeing the implementation and monitoring of 2 certifications concerning training offers, one aimed at professional certification, the other attesting to the quality of the services offered by Armonie.

I really appreciate the cross-functional nature of my job: whether it’s TMA, operations or quality with certifications, I like to organize, restructure if necessary, supervise, especially in the final stages of a project, which are often rewarding but also the most difficult to manage. There’s always a way to optimize efficiency.

What I really appreciate about Armonie is the synergy and solidarity it creates. My first impression was to discover that we could work seriously in relaxed conditions.

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